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Happy 5 years of Tianmei's World Academy!!

The 28th of August marks the company anniversary of Tianmei's World Academy and the start of our journey!

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 restrictions we're still unavailable to celebrate in person but that hasn't stopped us from celebrating virtually!

This year's celebration

The first way that we have decided to celebrate our 5 year anniversary is by launching our SDG Ambassador programme for University students. This programme is in collaboration with Dianguagua where students will have the opportunity to learn about sustainable development as well as many other prizes. You can click here to read our previous article to find out more.

We are also hosting an online event revolving around the topic of persistence as we have only been able to reach this monumental milestone by persevering through many challenges. The event will feature 3 guest speakers including the Adina the founder of Tianmei's World Academy, Danny the founder of Dianguagua and Aselin link marketing manager. In order to register for this event you can click here .

If you want more information regarding the contents of this article you can find out more here

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Here's to another year of creating more awesomeness together!

Happy 5th birthday Tianmei's World Academy!


Article produced by Shannon Cheung Marketing Assistant at Tianmei's World Academy

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