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Tianmei's World Academy SDG Ambassador programme (applications open)

In line with Tianmei's world Academy's goal to achieve equal access to education for all we have collaborated with electric company Dian Gua Gua in order to bring you the Tianmei's World Academy SDG Ambassador programme free of charge!

The application process will require you to take the SDG fun test in order to learn more about SDGs, write your motivation letter telling us why should be part of the programme and 100 of the most convincing students will be invited to attend the practical learning part of the programme.

To find out more please click the link below:

To learn more about Tianmei's World Academy and our contribution to SDGs check out our previous articles

Good luck with your applications!

For further information/enquiries don't hesitate to get in contact via social media or email


Article produced by Shannon Cheung Marketing Assistant at Tianmei's World Academy

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