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I am very happy to have participated in “Tianmei’s World” events and met Adina and the other event participants. It was great to share ideas with everyone. It was definitely a different experience, so I strongly support all the concepts that TMWA promotes, as well as their events.”


Screening Event Participant

"We can't choose the environments where we are born in and how we are educated, yet these affect the choices we have or not in life. What we can do is to choose to understand how these environments affect our personalities and behaviors and use this knowledge to maximize our individual potential. "

Adina Deacu 邱天美 - Academy Founder


What is "Tianmei's World" Academy?

The first “network of classrooms” educational concept in the world

"Tianmei's World" Academy (TMWA) is the world's first decentralized “network of classrooms” school concept, using environmental psychology knowledge with the aim to redefine where and how learning happens. ​


By understanding what are the elements that combine to create a nurturing learning environment, Tianmei's World Academy is able to turn any available space (e.g. coffee shops, offices etc.) into an alternative learning environment.


By experiencing the different learning environments that the academy creates, individuals can better understand what kind of learning environments and methods are most suitable for their own learning and self-development needs, apply them in their daily lives and maximize their individual potential against the “one-size-fits-all” type of mindset.

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Tianmei's World Academy Video Introduction

An innovative educational platform


An educational platform that innovates across various sectors with the aim to provide equal access to high quality educational opportunities to everyone across cultural, language, economical and geographical barriers, tailoring our services according to individual needs to maximize impact, rather than adopting a "one-size-fits-all" approach to maximize profits.

A holistic (systemic) approach to problem-solving


  • The Academy supports individuals to explore for themselves what kind of learning environments and methods are more suitable for themselves;

  • Creates a more diverse and inclusive learning environment;

  • Supports host venues enhance user experience;

  • Facilitates behavioral change by turning awareness into direct action;

  • Does applied research to provide the most suitable solutions for various problems that different organizations might face.

  • Represents a systemic solution to variuous social issues.

A social enterprise


One of our missions is to make access to educational opportunities a right, not a privilege.​​ To achieve this, we provide meaningful knowledge free of charge for anyone regardless of geographical and financial barriers via our social media platforms.​​ To sustainably support our endeavours, we function as a social enterprise.​ As a social enterprise, we reinvest our profit into the company’s growth with the aim of creating more impact, and we also finance projects that create further social value.

What TMWA Represents
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Our Vision

We understand that individual talent is not so reliant on individual ability, but can be harnessed through proper learning environments and methods.

By providing the knowldge and tools to do so, we make the world a better place with happier people. ​


Our Mission

1) Empower each and every individual beyond financial and geographical barriers to understand how to create better living, learning and working environments suitable for their own individual needs by leveraging the power of environmental psychology research.

2) Turn equal access to high quality educational opportunities into a right, instead of a priviledge.


Our Values

1) Diversity (in delivery methods),​

2) Inclusivess (to different needs),​

3) Equality (in starting points and access to opportunities),​

4) Cross-functional dialog (to promote systems and critical thinking)​


Brand Meaning

Get to Know Us

“Tianmei's World” represents a set of values that the founder wants to make available for everyone.​

We don't get to choose our growing up environments, yet they influence what we experience and what we become. So,“Tianmei” is a person who, given her upbringing, just happened to come across values that she felt more people should know about and be able to use. But anyone who feels empowered by these values is "Tianmei".

The “world” represents the environment that we are aiming to create through the values that we promote and the work that we do.

Educational Principles

that we integrate in all the learning programs we design


Learning happens everywhere

The important thing is to understand what you want to learn and why (purpose).​


Talent is nurtured

Talent depends on how nurturing one's environment is, not on individual ability.


Multiple ways of learning

There are multiple ways of learning, so explore to find the one most suitable for your own needs.​


Everyone loves to learn

They just need to find the learning method and environments most suitable for their own learning needs beyond a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

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Our Working Model

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Environmental Psychology is the discipline that studies the influence that different environments (both physical and social) have on human behaviour and mindset formation.

Main Research Questions:

1) How do different environments (family, school, office, hospital, public space, etc.) affect people's psychological state, perception, attitude, behaviour, learning outcome and work  productivity?​

2) How can individuals and groups change their environments to reduce stress, maximise their potential, increase work productivity and enhance learning outcome?​

3) What is the connection between our personality and the environment we were brought up in? ​

4) How can we use environmental design to influence pro-environmental behavior?​

At Tianmei's World Academy, we use environmental psychology to create better learning, working and living environments. We allow each person to experience how different environments influence them and allow people to learn how to create the most suitable environments for themselves, beyond a "one-size-fits-all" approach.​

Our Model

Adina Deacu (邱天美) is an Environmental Psychology Researcher and Consultant and Educator with 10+ years of experience in influencing and managing multiple stakeholders at different levels with cross-functional experience in Architecture, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT and Operations.

After spending more than 10 frustrating years on the road to self-discovery, changing many jobs in different fields ranging from architecture & design to sales & marketing, she is now on a mission to change how people view education and turn the world into a big classroom promoting diversity and inclusiveness through all the research projects and workshops that she designs and delivers.

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