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We use environmental psychology knowledge to design and create exceptional learning experiences materialized through offline events.

Events = Alternative Learning Environments

Events = Space + People + Language

Click here if you want to know more on how we use events as tools.

Educational Framework

All our learning experiences follow a well-researched educational framework, providing a diverse range of learning methods and environments for attendees to choose for themselves the most suitable ones instead of settling for one-size-fits-all learning styles, yet obtaining the same learning outcomes: enhanced critical, creative and systems thinking skills with a boost of self-confidence and empathy levels.  

With the ice-breaker developed by TMWA this problem is solved in max. 15 mins. depending on the number of attendees.

One reason people are reluctant to start talking in public is because they don’t know who is in the room and whether they will be laughed at.

Stage 1 - Ice-breaker

Relax/get comfortable/get into learning mode

Participants have the opportunity to express their opinions and learn from each other based on the topics that were shared

Stage 3 - Application (Output)

Use acquired knowledge in group discussions/appropriate 

Different people understand the same knowledge in different ways depending on their  different backgrounds. Yet we rarely have the opportunity to discuss with each other and understand different points of view. 

Whether it is through reading books, watching movies, or just listening to other people’s knowledge, learning opportunities are all around us.

Stage 2 - Acquisition (Input)

Gain new knowledge from books, movies, talks etc.

The purpose of this part is to prove that learning happens in multiple ways. It’s just a matter of finding what works for the self.

Stage 4 - Mindfulness Moment

Self-reflection on overall learning experience

This part encourages participants to take a few moments to reflect on their overall learning experience and summarize take-aways.

In life we rarely give ourselves the time to reflect and take in some of the experiences we’ve just gone through or how they contribute to our growth

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Types of learning experiences

20x20 Talks

Creative Mornings

Why do we do things the way we do?

  • To show that any place can be a classroom

  • To show that learning takes multiple forms

  • To show how deep the environment's influence is on personal development

  • To show that talent is not reliant on personal ability, but on the creation of nurturing environments tailored to individual needs.

  • To show that diversity is not limited to skin color, but it also implies diversity in delivery methods beyond a "one-size-fits-all" approach prevalent across various levels of society.

How it all started...

Boredom, curiosity and desire to meet new people. 


Adina Deacu, the founder of "Tianmei's World" Academy, decided to organise, create and run learning experiences after moving back to China. Adina's desire to connect with a diverse range of people has led to the Academy developing into what it is today!

We use learning experiences as an observation tool to get feedback from our audience and their needs.

All services are designed and based on issues that we have noticed through actual research for different target groups. We are also able to implement, verify and adjust the services to get the best outcomes.

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