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EPDI (Environmental Psychology for Diversity and Inclusion) Knowledge Sharing Project

“Environmental Psychology for Diversity and Inclusion” is a knowledge sharing project aimed to support Tianmei’s World Academy’s mission to turn equal access to knowledge into a reality for anyone, beyond geographical barriers, gender, nationality or any other labels that create division, instead of unification.


Through this project we want to promote mutual understanding in cross-cultural, cross-gender and cross-functional dialog by sharing knowledge related to diversity and inclusiveness, conflict resolution, education and mental health.

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This project came to life as a result of many life experiences and observations done by Tianmei’s World Academy’s founder Adina. She noticed that often, people get into conflict due to differences in opinions, perspectives or interests. However, these perspectives, opinions or interests are shaped by our growing up environments which were different from one another. As a result, different people have different perspectives.


This becomes an issue because for many people, what they know is what they believe to be “right” and anything “different” will be perceived as “wrong”. But diversity and inclusiveness are all about understanding and accepting that being “different” is not “wrong”, as well as embracing the discomfort brought by inclusiveness. Considered from this perspective, it is lack of inclusiveness and mutual understanding that leads to conflict. and mental health issues (e.g PTSD, anxiety, depression and more).


This knowledge sharing project takes a more holistic approach by making connections between themes like conflict, education, mental health that are otherwise discussed separately, but are connected by the influence they get from the environmental elements in which they happen and the impact that they have on diversity and inclusiveness.


The knowledge in this project shall be delivered via articles or videos published on as many social media platforms as possible: Zhihu, WeChat Account, Website Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, so make sure to subscribe and follow us on all the platforms that suit your convenience, so that you don’t miss any of them.

Access the knowledge via the most convenient channels for you


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Become a Volunteer

If you want to make a contribution to this project, you are welcome to reach out and let us know how would you like to be involved.


You can write related articles, you can translate, you can make related videos or you can suggest any other way in which you think you could bring value to this project.


We want to make this project as inclusive and diverse as we can, so we are very open to your suggestions.


If you are not sure about what you can contribute with now, but want to be in the loop when more specific volunteering roles will be available, you can still apply to join our Volunteer Groups, either on WeChat or LinkedIn by filling in the application form below.

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Fists in Solidarity

What will you get by contributing?

  • First of all, you will get to make an important contribution towards our mission of making equal access to knowledge a reality for as many people as possible

  • You can use your time as a donation towards making equal access to knowledge a reality and get to grow alongside all the readers/viewers that this project will reach.

  • Get your ideas heard and implemented to create further social value, so that we can make the world a more inclusive place together.

  • Get to discover opportunities that you haven’t considered before (we can’t tell you right now what they are, as we don’t know either. But what we do know is that if you keep an open heart, amazing and unthought of opportunities will show up to enrich your life.)

  • Appear on the Hall of Fame of Tianmei’s World Academy website and let more people know about the amazing contribution you’ve made towards making equal access to knowledge a reality.

  • If needed, depending on the extent of your contribution, you can apply for an Internship Certificate and/or a Recommendation Letter that you can use for school/job applications.

Join our mission!

Thank you for applying.

We will be in touch soon!

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