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Read about some of the ways in which we employ environmental psychology knowledge to design a more inclusive world in which we want everyone to have equal access to high quality educational opportunities beyond their geographical barriers, financial background, gender, race or nationality. 

EPDI (Environmental Psychology for Diversity and Inclusiveness) Knowledge Sharing Project

“Environmental Psychology for Diversity and Inclusion” is a non-profit knowledge sharing project aimed to support Tianmei’s World Academy’s mission to turn equal access to knowledge into a reality for anyone, beyond geographical barriers, gender, nationality or any other labels that create division. Through this project we want to promote mutual understanding in cross-cultural, cross-gender and cross-functional dialog by sharing knowledge related to conflict resolution, education and mental health. (Click on the below image to find out more)

Image by Tim Marshall

Dissertation Internship

Are you a final year student and want to turn your dissertation write-up into an internship experience? Choose a dissertation topic related to anything that has to do with "Tianmei's World" Academy and you won't only have the opportunity to work on a real case study, but will also get an internship certificate and a professional recommendation letter for the duration in which you write your dissertation. (Click on the below image to find out more)

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

NGO to Social Enterprise Pivoting Incubator

In order to support NGOs to achieve financial sustainability, this project aims to support people working in the NGO sector to pivot to a social business model by giving them the tools, knowledge and platform to thrive and continue to create social value in a more sustainable way. (Click on the below image to find out more)

Image by Ian Schneider
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