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Are you a final year student and want to turn your dissertation write-up into an internship experience?

Choose a dissertation topic related to anything that has to do with "Tianmei's World" Academy and you won't only have the opportunity to work on a real case study, but will also get an internship certificate and a professional recommendation letter for the duration in which you write your dissertation. 

Student in Library

What could you write about?

Environmental Psychology


Explore how different environmental elements influence different aspects of human behavior, mindset formation, levels of happiness. 


Explore how "Tianmei's World" Academy has developed as a start-up company


Use environmental psychology principles to analyze the connection between different authors' writing style and their growing up environments.


Explore how the services developed by "Tianmei's World" Academy are contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs.


Explore the diversity in educational methods that the Academy proposes and the impact that these have on learning outcomes and mental health. 

Language Studies

Explore the effectiveness of the immersive "native-like" language learning environments that we help create.

Other fields

Considering the complexity of environmental psychology and all the projects that we work on, there is no field or topic that it doesn't apply to. There are only topics that you haven't thought of, so get in touch with us to explore how we can help you and create more value together!

Other benefits

doing work together

Click on Apply to send your CV and a cover letter to tell us why you would like to be a part of this program, as well as the topic you would like to explore for your dissertation. If your application is successful, our mentors will contact you within 7 working days.

Students who will be accepted to write their dissertations on a subject related to "Tianmei's World" Academy research, will also be able to benefit of the following:

  • Additional 1-on-1 career orientation mentorship with the Academy Founder

  • Professional recommendation letter

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Have their dissertation published in the "Tianmei's World" Academy Yearly Research Compendium

  • FREE access to additional professional skills development courses (e.g. time management, dealing with procrastination, communication etc.)

  • Priority to be considered for volunteering opportunities within the Academy for further skills development

  • Opportunity to get full-time employment within "Tianmei's World" Academy directly after graduation depending on overall performance.

Previous Work

Check out below some of the dissertations/research reports written as part of this program in the past:


Alexandra Elena Carst 

MA Business, Language, and Culture (Chinese) @ University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg

Title: National Expansion Potential of "Tianmei's World" in China (dissertation)

WeChat Image_20200616180816-smaller1.jpg

Deacu Adina 

MSc Environmental Psychology @ University of Surrey

Title: The influence stressful wayfinding experience has on intention to return to a venue (dissertation)


Du Jingxin

MA Marketing and Management 

@ University of Dundee

Title: New workplace environment after COVID 19: What HR professionals should know (report)

Other growth opportunities

You are not sure which topic you would like to explore through your dissertation and would like to get a better understanding of how "Tianmei's World" Academy works, all while further enhancing your professional skills?

You don't have to write a dissertation, but would love to learn more about using environmental psychology principles to create better learning environments for yourself and those around you?

Do you find yourself in a situation where you don't know what career path to take for the future and don't know where to start searching?

Hands Together

Find the answer to your questions by volunteering with us!

Click each position for more details!

Online Marketing Co-Ordinator

Visual Communication Co-ordinator

Web Developer and IT Support

EN-CH Editor & Translator

Tailored volunteering experience:

If you have your own ideas about interesting projects that you would like to work on, you are welcome to send us an email at to tell us more. 

And the best part of everything is that the positions are online and working time is flexible. As long as you can manage to finish required tasks before previously agreed timelines, you are welcome to create your own schedule from anywhere in the world!

Join us and let's turn the whole world into a big classroom together!


Do I need to write my dissertation in English to be a part of this program?

No. You can write your dissertation in whatever language you are required by your university.  However, if apart from the Internship Certificate and Professional Recommendation Letter, you want to get it published in our yearly compendium, we will need you to translate it to English and send it to us.

When will the Internship Certificate and Professional Recommendation Letter be awarded?

The Professional Recommendation Letter and Internship Certificate will be awarded once your dissertation would have been graded and we would have gotten a final copy of your paper. You will need to submit the proof of your grades and the final article via email: You shall receive the documents within 7 working days. 

Will the grade for the dissertation have any influence on the content of the Professional Recommendation Letter or Internship Certificate?

No. We only assess your overall performance during the dissertation write-up and the application of your research into our company's areas of research. 

How will my dissertation be used by the Academy once I have sent it?

We reserve the right to publish content from the dissertation in order to make the results available to a wider public. As such, you should make sure to notify us in advance of any conflict of interests, if any.

Can I add this internship experience on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes. We recommend you add this internship experience on your LinkedIn profile with the title: Research Internship at Tianmei's World Environmental Psychology Consultancy.

Will I receive any assistance from the Academy mentors during my dissertation write-up?

Yes. We will make sure to work closely with your dissertation supervisor so that you can successfully finalize your paper, while providing any additional information/guidance/support that you need on behalf of the academy.

Current Research Themes

In order to see all the research topics that we are looking to research at the moment, please click the "More" button.

If you don't see a research topic of your interest, you are welcome to propose one separately for our consideration. We are always open for new ideas. 

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