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Experiential Learning

Tailored Programs Design

Using our environmental psychology knowledge to create unforgettable learning experiences for the participants with the aim to empower, motivate, develop personal skills and drive pro-environmental behavior.

What organizations can benefit of our expertise?



In an ever changing world, companies need to be able to adapt to change in real-time and sometimes pivot completely, yet often it is challenging to engage all the employess to be on the same page. With our holistic approach, we are able to empower each and every employee to become a problem solver and a systems thinker within the company, without having to rely on external support.

Marketing Depts.

In traditional marketing the focus is on maximizing consumer purchasing, but in the information era, consumers become ever more confused with the number of choices that they have available. This creates pressure both on the consumers and the marketers.

At the same time, there is little focus on making marketing content educational in order to further support the consumers' personal growth while promoing sustainable consumption. We can fill that gap!


Event Organizers

In the information era, what people are missing is not information, but the tools and awareness to choose the information most suitable for their own situation, as such an event can be an amazing learning opportunity. 

Through our environmental psychology expertise, we are able to turn every event into a memorable learning experience for the participants, while maximizing the benefits of all the stakeholders involved. 


With the abundance of information available out there, it becomes increasingly difficult for venues to attract and retain customers. At the same time, an increasing number of customers are interested in the experience that a venue can offer.


Through our expertise, we are able to support venues in creating unforgettable experiences for customers. Through our research tools we are also able to help venues strengthen their competitive advantage and enhance user experience.

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