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Applied Research

Our aim is to create a bridge between academic research and practical applications in order to allow a broader range of stakeholders to benefit of the latest findings in academia and drive innovation.

Who benefits most of this service?

Graduation Caps
Graduation Caps


Many universities require their students to write a thesis in order to graduate. As a hybrid organization aiming to bridge the gap between academic research and practice, through the broad range of research areas that we cover, we are able to provide universities with the opportunity to engage final year students in more applied work for their dissertation write-up regardless of the major they are specialized in.

Through this approach we are also able to create connections that otherwise wouldn't exist. 

Design Companies

Through our research we support design companies to ground their designs in the latest academic evidence. At the same time, we support companies understand how their designs influence their users' behaviors with the aim to promote sustainability and well-being.

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Other organizations

Human behavior is heavily influenced by the environments in which people find themselves, as such we are able to support various organizations in understanding how they can improve their products/services to promote individual pro-environmental behavior and well-being.

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