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How is Tianmei's World Academy contributing to the SDGs? #2

You may remember from a previous news article that through our cooperation with Pagoda Projects, the Academy has been welcoming different groups of students to research how we are contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and how can we improve what we are already doing.

Previously, we had two students from Australia, Thanuja and Dylan, studying the matter within an Australian context. If you missed the article we published about them and their work, please click here.

Building upon what Thanuja and Dylan did, we recently had Joel, Sophie and David, 3 students from Cardiff University, analyzing the matter within a UK context.

You may watch the presentation with their findings via Youtube below or on Bilibili (for China) here.

If you want to read the full report, you may access it on Slideshare here or if you are in China, on Youdao Notes here.


If you want to join us too, then you are welcome to check our Research Internship Program or the volunteering positions that we currently have available.

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