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Ma. Adavieve Lasam


Ma. Adavieve Lasam leads a virtual community called Upcycle Philippines, a group that gathers people who are interested in upcycle as a creative outlet and as a system to conserve the earth's resources. A special education teacher by profession, she has been teaching for 15 years, and has gained experiences in the Philippines as well as in Singapore. Recently trained as a Climate Reality Leader, she has been empowered more than ever to push forward her advocacy to learn about upcycle as a solution to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, particularly in the Philippines, as this is one country being most affected by climate change. Her research skills were deeply honed while finishing her Master's Degree in Special Education, thus, she is keen on and interested in doing research particularly about anything that relates to upcycle or sustainability, and how the Philippines can adopt it by integrating local talents and resources, particularly that of indigenous communities.

How do you define education?

Education is the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes, skills, habits and values to be catalysts for positive change.

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