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Create "Tianmei's World" Academy learning environments in your company

Do you want to enhance your employees' learning outcomes, work productivity and levels of well-being?

Do you want to offer your employees the opportunity to enhance their cross-cultural communication skills while bonding closer with other colleagues?

Do you want to enhance your employees innovation skills and creativity?

Do you want your employees to enhance critical thinking skills while improving foreign language skills?

Then turning your office into a "Tianmei's World" Academy learning environment is what you are looking for!

Where can you start the transformation of your team's behavior and mindset?

Below you can find some examples of topics that we can cover throughout the webinars / workshops / lectures. It can give you a better idea of where would you like to start the transformative learning journey for your team, depending on the stage that you are at now.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Using environmental design to enhance productivity and levels of happiness at the workplace

  • Understand the actual elements that create a happy working environment

  • Learn how to use these elements to enhance productivity, improve teams’ communication, boost team-members well-being, enhance mental health

Image by Redd F

What is learned helplessness? How it negatively affects self-confidence? How to overcome it?

  • Learn to recognize and overcome learned helplessness in the self and the people around in order to maximize individual potentialt and make it your own. 

Image by Christin Hume

How is social media influencing mental health and ways to protect ourselves against it Title

  • Get the knowledge and tools to build a healthier relationship with the mobile phone so as to maintain mental health and increase productivity.text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Image by Copernico

Learning to politely say no, both at home and at the office: The importance of setting healthy personal boundaries

  • Help participants that learning how to politely refuse others allows one to set healthy individual boundaries and healthy human relationships.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

How to help team members develop inner motivation to learn? The importance of leaders becoming role-models.

  • Help leaders understand how their own behavior is influencing their team members motivation to learn as well as how to create nurturing learning environments at the workplace.

Image by Elisa Ventur

How to deal with chronic stress and anxiety through environmental design?

  • Learn how to overcome stress and anxiety through direct environmental design without having to go to medicine

Image by Israel Andrade

Procrastination is not the problem, but the answer: Why people misunderstand procrastination and what to do about it?

  • Learn to understand the actual environmental elements behind procrastination and how to use it as a tool for self-development and growth, rather than a source of self-blame.

Image by ian dooley

Be SMARTER, not just SMART: Learning to be more self-reflective, not only goal-oriented

  • Learn to critically assess how environmental elements can play a role into goal achievement and how to maximize that knowledge for more efficient goal setting.

Image by Annie Spratt

How to decide whose advice to listen to when faced with disagreeing opinions?

  • Empower participants to learn to think independently and assess other people’s opinions through a more rational approach rather than relying only on feelings.

Image by Annie Spratt

How to turn disagreement into a meaningful relationship, instead of an escalating conflict both at work and at home

  • Help participants learn how to turn disagreement into an opportunity to build more meaningful relationships rather than turn it into an escalating conflict.

Image by Marissa Grootes

How to boost creativity by turning negative mindset into a positive one?

  • Help participants boost their creativity and well-being in the face of the uncertainty brought by an ever-changing world.

Image by Sigmund

Impactful Leadership and the "puzzle" mindset

  • Learn the definition of impactful leadership, the Action-Reaction Model and its application to leadership, in life and at work, as well as the definition of the “puzzle” mindset and its application to team/community creation

If you need more support in figuring out what is most suitable for your own situation, you are welcome to reach out to us by clicking the below button.

Leadership is not innate, but shaped by one's environment. Your perception about yourself will determine whether you become a leader or not. Remember that your perception about yourself has been created as a result of your growing up environment and might not be representative of your abilities.  Also remember that it is the same  for other people too, so don’t be quick to judge other people’s ability and don’t discourage people through the way you speak.

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