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Dr. Alexandru Balasescu


I am an anthropologist, consultant, writer, and occasional curator, artist and filmmaker.


Currently I live in Frankfurt, I teach in the Masters of Global Leadership and MA in International Communication at Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada and I am consultant for a pilot project that combines Solar Energy with Sustainable Bee Keeping.


I also worked in state administration as chief of staff for the Ministry of Culture in Romania, and in cultural diplomacy, as executive director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Istanbul, Turkey. I finished my PhD in cultural anthropology in 2004 at the University of California, Irvine.


I kept teaching in different environments, working with different types of students form a large variety of cultural backgrounds who performed in different cultural settings: French exchange students in Istanbul learning alongside Turkish colleagues, Californian students in Paris, Saudi students in Bahrain, or Chinese students in Canada.

How do you define education?

For me education is a process of exchange between the mentor and her/his pupils, in which the former participates in creating an environment that instills and encourages the desire of knowledge, nourishes curiosity and teaches multiple methods of research, while guiding the students on their own path of learning.

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