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Meet our amazing interns for the Cohort 2021

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

In the last 4 years, Tianmei's World Academy has developed tremendously with the support of Pagoda Projects and all the offline and remote interns they have been placing in the Academy. And we are happy to see our Hall of Fame is becoming longer and longer.

Ever since Covid started, the Academy has switched to fully remote internships and I am happy to say that this allowed us to welcome more interns from various parts of the world.

So, let's meet and welcome the amazing interns who have joined in the Cohort 2021:

Sawakin Ahmed

2nd year Psychology Student @ University of Wolverhampton

The reason I have applied to gain experience from Tianmei’s World Academy is due to their values and mission as an academy, which were similar to my own values. The learners’ reviews presented on the website certainly support the academy’s aims as they were extremely positive and encouraging.

As a psychology student it’s vital for myself to gain research skills. This makes Tianmei’s World Academy a suitable organisation to gain experience from due to their many years within the environmental psychology research sector. The Academy’s research is far more fascinating than I had anticipated. The Academy’s findings have led me to want to join the Academy and be apart of something incredible with a positive impact on society’s environment as a whole and pave a path for future literature. The Academy’s high competences and values are what attracted me to it and I’m extremely excited to be apart of future research at Tianmei’s World Academy.

Shannon Cheung

1st year Psychology student at the University of Liverpool

What attracted me to Tianmei's World Academy is their inclusive approach to learning as they reject the current 'one size fits all' method of learning currently adopted by the education system. They aim to provide a specialised learning environment in order to maximise learning for the individual. Additionally, to make their services more accessible to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds they offer a 1 for 1 policy so for each paid session they offer a free session for someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend due to financial difficulties.

Zoe Worton

Final year of degree course ‘Artist Designer: Maker’ @ Cardiff Metropolitan University

Through this experience I hope to network with others across the world and extend my cultural fluency skills. I look to push myself through this virtual internship by completing tasks outside of my comfort zone and applying my degree skills when relevant to help aid my work. Key aspects I am attracted to with my host company are the importance of the SDG’s, impact on teaching and sustainability- all aspects I have consciously integrated into my designs during my degree so far.

I am thoroughly looking forward to this experience and can’t wait to join the team at Tianmei's World Academy soon.

Last, but not least, let's meet Binta, who is already half way through her internship and has also some feedback to share about her learning experience.

Binta Shittu Mide

Master of International HR Management @ University of Dundee

I am super-excited to have my internship program with Tianmei’s World Academy. I believe in acquiring knowledge, because learning is a continuous process in my life. Yes, I am thrilled and inspired with Tianmei’s World Academy’s drive and focus on environmental psychology knowledge with the aim to create and design exceptional learning experience through the sharing of brilliant learning materials.

I see my drive for knowledge top-up, being enhanced and shaped at Tianmei’s World Academy, because learning happens everywhere…. As long as I am willing to learn.

Finally, I find Tianmei’s World Academy’s Vision, Mission and Value, very interesting and attractive because of my strong belief for harnessing energy, talent, creativity empowering and diversity alignment as a way of creating healthier world for all.

Below is also a video with Binta sharing some of her learning experience throughout her internship.

Binta has shown great determination in further promoting the values of the Academy and we have her efforts to thank for a potential expansion of the Academy to Africa. If you want to read more about the Africa expansion, please click here.


As the Academy's Founder, I am always excited to see how inspirational young people find what the Academy does. I am extremely happy to see more and more young people resonating with our mission and wanting to join our cause.

If you want to join us too, then you are welcome to check our Research Internship Program or th volunteering positions that we have available.

You are also welcome to subscribe to receive our "Redefining where and how learning happens" report in your email and read at your convenience.

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