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Meet our contributors in the 2021 Cohort

You may not know, but one of Tianmei's World Academy's missions is to make equal access to knowledge and educational opportunities a reality.

We do this in two ways:

1. Make our own research and knowledge available at no financial cost on our website,

2. Offer to those who want to learn more about environmental psychology the possibility to gain more knowledge through writing. For them the Academy has created the Yearly Contributor Program, in which participants get to do research on various topics related to environmental psychology, and get FREE mentoring on how to further improve their writing skills. At the same time, all their articles will be published on our platforms so that more people can access the knwoledge that they make available through their writing.

So, let's meet the Contributors who joined the 2021 Cohort (in no particular order):

Hi, my name is Wang Yibo. I've just graduated with a PhD degree in Chemistry and am still looking for what I'm really passionate about, and I guess that's part of our life journey, so I'm patient about the process. Right now, I care about the mental health issues of graduate students, eating disorders among adolescents, and the real needs of introverts.

The reason for why I take part in this program is that I would love to learn more about how to write psychology subjects in a way that not only fully express myself but also can be easily accessed and undersood by the others. Another reason is that all the things that are being talked about in Tianmei's World just suit me very well. All in all, I believe and hope we can have a wonderful time together!

Hi, my name is Evija Geka! I work as Agile Coach for management consulting company and also do off-site trainings for individuals focusing on improving their Team Leadership skills. Passion: dancing. Have been dancing since childhood and participate in competitions.

I have strong interest in psychology and consider contributing to the academy as a way to learn more. In addition, idea of tweeting every place so to make the learning environment seems fascinating to me Furthermore, I really like Adina and it will be great to be have her as a mentor.

Hi, my name is Johnny Huang, I'm a versatile guy, have a full job and parttime job, I do technical consulting and management and also business development, based in shanghai. I'm passionate about photographing, travelling and making friends.

Why I take part in this program? The main reason is I recognize the values of Tianmei's World Academy, I believe learning is not limit to schools, books. everything around us can teach us, and we can also make use of everything, everywhere to improve ourselves continuously. As a person who came through the Chinese education, I think we have a lot of wrongs must be corrected. And Tianmei's world academy just filled the gap. Hopefully, after we master our Zorro circle, we can help more people around us.


I am super excited to see more and more people wanting to join the Academy's mission to make equal access to knowledge and educational opportunities a reality.

If you want to read the articles that our contributors will write, then please don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you want to know more about the Contributor program, you may open this link. However, if you want to take part in the program, I am afraid that you can only wait until next year. We will notify you through our newsletter when the application for the 2022 Cohort will start.

In the meantime you are also welcome to subscribe to receive our "Redefining where and how learning happens" report in your email and read at your convenience.

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