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Oki Alexander


As an architect, a physical educator and someone deeply involved into the socio-emotional aspect of education and development, Oki is able to take a birds-eye-view when it comes to the complex relationship between mind, body and environment (or psyche-soma-habitat). He is passionate about creating the physical and mental space for kids to develop a balanced sense of self in a balanced body. A concept he refers to as "being Simply Human".

How do you define education?

I think that a "definition" might not be the right question to ask. So many forms of education that depend heavily on the context in their effectiveness. What are you educating for? Is it necessary for survival or is it just mental pressure that makes for this type of education? Right or wrong are all value judgements that are also biased by our own perspectives and upbringing.


Historical definition/context: A process that happened naturally at one point in time but started to change under the pressure of cultural evolution driven by population density and technology. Education was originally driven by internal motivation, intrinsic curiosity, and the need for survival, but due to changing needs in modern society, is now transformed into a process where efficiency and measurable outcomes are prioritized.


When pressed, my cleanest definition would probably be: Education is the dyad between the transfer of information and skill versus the absorption that is achieved.


My ideal view of education would be: Optimal education would create enough space* for the students to play and find their own sense of agency and fully engages internal motivation, while at the same time it uses a framework that directs them into developing skills and knowledge that are relevant to their context and society.


*space referring to physical as well as mental space.

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