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Jean-Philippe Delhom


Jean-Philippe Delhom, founder and CEO of the acoustic consulting firm Delhom Acoustics, is a passionate Senior Acoustics Engineer with more than 30 years of experience, making him a leader in building better environments and promoting acoustic comfort around the world.


His experience ranges widely from buildings acoustics such as educational facilities, retail, corporate offices, hospitals, hotels/resorts, music spaces, shopping-malls, auditoriums, restaurants, etc. to industrial projects like factories, windfarms, or town planning and environmental noise control.


Since 1995, his creative energy and motivation fueled the development of four agencies in Europe and Asia, that have kept themselves busy with over 8,000 projects completed on all continents.

How do you define education?

Communication is the key to guaranteeing education of excellence. The sound signals emitted by the teacher's voice can become disturbing when bouncing on the walls of the classroom and therefore creating reverberation. The issue here is that most of the information transmitted from teachers to students is done so orally. It is therefore difficult for students to understand all that is said and shared during lessons.


Acoustics play an important role in all areas of a school, contributing to the well-being of the students and the pedagogical staff. If public areas - such as the canteen - are noisy, students will be tired and consequently inattentive in class. When we work on the acoustic design of a school, our role is to make sure that the environment becomes one of learning, interactivity and self-development, which is very much impacted by noise.

Video lecture: How does acoustic design enhance learning outcome? (Youtube) (Tencent)

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