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Wow! Time really flies!!!

Tianmei's World Academy is turning 7 years this August!

It's been a great and not always easy ride to develop the platform that the Academy is today.

In order to celebrate, but also share with more people how did we use environmental psychology knowledge to develop a sustainable business model that aims to become a systemic solution to various social problems, for our 7th year anniversary we have prepared something special.

We have invited 7 amazing speakers from different backgrounds to share their perseverance story to inspire you. During the anniversary, we will also release our "Using environmental psychology to design a systemic solution to many of the world’s social problems. Tales of design thinking, service design, social entrepreneurship and unicorns (7 years collection)" booklet that will allow you learn more about our 7 years ride and what's next for the many more years to come.

So, make sure to subscribe to be the first to get to listen to our guest speaker's talks and to receive a free copy of the booklet. All happening on August 26th.

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